5 ways to FIT it all in

Hello and welcome to my first official #FJSFIT blog post!

I will keep in short and sweet but I wanted to answer one of my biggest asked questions: How to balance a health and fitness lifestyle into a busy, working life?

“You have the same number of hours in the day as Beyonce”

^ my least favourite quote of all time because not all of us have make-up artists, personal trainers, chefs and personal assistants… (*eye roll emoji*) SO while I can’t magic you these luxuries, I can share with you my top tips on how I juggle a health and fitness lifestyle and running #FJSFIT alongside studying for my final year of medical school.

1.Plan your workouts. If you’re only going to take onboard one recommendation, then this is it. Spend 30 mins on a weekend planning your workouts for the week ahead. This way you know exactly what you’re doing in the gym, you can go in, do your thing and get out rather than swanning from machine to machine aimlessly without a plan. I tend to write one weeks worth of training and then follow the same plan for 4 weeks before changing it up (this also helps monitor progress too!)

2. Either set an early alarm and get your workout done before your brain has had time to think about it, or take your gym kit with you and go straight to the gym after work/uni/school. I know if I come home and put the kettle on, I’m not going out again!

3. Meal prep. This is something I heavily rely on. I’m not a natural cook so I could  easily spend an hour in the kitchen each evening messing about if I had the time. Instead, I cook a big batch of protein on a Sunday night (usually heck chicken sausages), make a big bowl of salad or veg and prep some carbs (I buy the microwavable rice sachets for week nights). Then when you come home you can pop your dinner in the microwave and still have time to watch The Great British Bake Off at 9pm. I must admit I tend to eat the standard protein, carb, greens meal in the week and then indulge more on the weekends.  You could also make a big batch of something such as a thai curry or a chilli and pop individual portions in the freezer.

4. Use exercise as your relaxation.  Even during exam time, I always make sure I leave an hour in my jam-packed day for myself. Instead of watching tv, I use my break to go to the gym as I find exercise really helps me relieve stress: endorphins for the win!

5. Accept you don’t have superpowers. Unless training is a major priority for you as you’re prepping for an upcoming competition, you probably don’t need to gym every day twice a day like some of the people you see on instagram. So do the best you can, be realistic when planning your week and don’t beat yourself up if you miss the odd workout. Sometimes it’s ok to skip your session to hang out with your family, friends… or dogs!

I hope you find these tips useful. As always, if you have any questions feel press to contact me.

Lots of love,

Frankie xScreen Shot 2017-10-06 at 23.22.58

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