Eat Smart with The Skinny Bakery

You may have seen these wizards floating about on Instagram but let me tell you a little bit more about them…

Founded by London baker (wizard) in 2013, The Skinny Bakery was formed after Mariella spent years perfecting the recipe for low-cal sweets and treats.

NOW, as you’ll know if you follow me on instagram, I’m allll about those kcals and I really don’t restrict anything from my diet. However, I am smart with how I ‘spend’ my calories and I do like to get the majority of my intake from wholesome micronutrient dense foods including meats, grains and veg.

However, just like you, I need to have something sweet after a meal. This is where The Skinny Bakery products fit perfectly into my life because now, instead of having 1 chocolate chip cookie with my cup of yorkshire tea, I can have 4… and for less than half the calories. My favourites are the chocolate chip cookies and the gingerbread cookies (109 calories for 3 in a pack).

If you want a sweet treat that isn’t going to make you feel guilty or stop you reaching your goals, I really recommend these products because they taste like the real calorie filled-sugary-dipped in butter-soaked in syrup and covered in chocolate real deal stuff!

Let me know if you try them!

DISCLAIMER: I genuinely love these products and i’m not being paid to write about them (although they did send me a cheeky pack of chocolate orange pearls!)

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