Why YOU might need a coach?

You’re not thinking about prepping for a bikini competition, to be a professional body builder, to qualify for the CrossFit games or to become the next FitBrit champ… you’re just, well, training…

So why do you need a coach?

Whether you’re a complete beginner or if you’ve been training for a while and have an idea about what you’re doing, you could massively benefit from having a coach.

You’ve taken the first steps of walking into the gym, writing a workout idea down in your Notes. But all that effort into getting yourself into the gym, the sweat, the aches… are they actually helping you achieve your goals?

There are very few people who actually know why they’re doing a certain exercise, why they’re doing 10 reps of an exercise? Or have a clue about how much rest they should be taking. You could turn that 60 min gym session into a 45 minute one AND achieve the results faster.

I have personally spent years learning the science behind exercise, worked with amazing companies such as OnePT academy, qualified as a personal trainer and have invested in a coach myself for a year, and finally, I feel like I’ve cracked it.

If I bother dragging myself to the gym, it’s for a purpose. Every rep, every weight and every second of rest is calculated in a way that’s going to make me perform my best. There’s no flipping from machine to machine hoping I’m going to grow my glutes, or get fitter or shift the fat off my belly. It’s all calculated – and having a coach means someone else, probably more experienced and qualified for you calculates all this for you.

It’s great to have someone to report back to each week, to make you feel accountable. If you know you have to take progress pics, weigh in and take measurements on a Friday morning, the temptation to have that glass of wine and bar of chocolate on Thursday night is gone because you have someone else you want to do proud! It’s great to have someone on the end of the phone to answer all of your questions and give you motivational pushes when you need them!

So if you think this all sounds like something you’d benefit from, drop me an email to fjsfit@gmail.com to join my online coaching programme.


Frankie x


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