The Importance Of Valuing Your Own Time

I often get asked how do I fit it all in? At the moment I am juggling life as a junior doctor in London with FJSFit, training and maintaining a social life.

2018 was a very busy year; I graduated from medical school, made the big move to London and stared a new job as a doctor. 6 months has flown by and I realised I entered 2019 with very little spare ‘Me’ time. I have made a conscious effort to be a bit more selfish with my time and more selective on what I say yes to.

Some things that have really helped me prioritise my time and have a more free time to train, relax, unwind and maintain a social life outside of all the work!


1. Lists are your new best friend. I write down everything I need to on paper and make a list of things I must-do today and thinks I should-do this week. That way, if I don’t do everything on the list I don’t get too worried about it and I still get the feeling of satisfaction when I get my must-do jobs ticked off!


2. Allow yourself a little luxury! Now that I’m working full time, including a few weekends in the hospital, I really value my evenings and weekends. I used to spend a good chunk of my weekend cleaning my apartment, washing clothes and generally getting organised. In the New Year I decided to budget a bit more, stop buying unnecessary items and invest in a trusty @fantasticservices cleaner*. Sure, my monthly outgoings are a little higher, but my productivity levels have rocketed! Instead of feeling like I’ve wasted precious time at the weekend cleaning, I have more free time to do the things I love. Plus I find I make much more of an effort to keep my apartment clean and tidy once I’ve paid for it!

3. Stop saying yes to everything. I have always been a person who loves being busy and helping other people out, but since moving to London I’ve realised there’s always something I could be doing, but that doesn’t mean I should be doing them all! I’ve started to be more aware of what I’m saying yes to, instead of saying yes to every event that’s going on, I now make sure I schedule in my own gym sessions and time to actually chill out at home before saying I’m free to go to something. It’s made a huge difference in my mood as I’m prioritising my own self-care daily instead of getting to Friday and realising I haven’t trained or eaten a vegetable!


4. Prioritise the things that are important to you. Similar to point number 3, but if you enjoy spending time with family, walking the dog, or just laying on the sofa watching tv with a face mask on (anyone else??), then do those things. It is very easy to feel pressured into living your life a certain way by what we see on social media, but you should spend your free time doing the things you value.

5. Declutter your life. This is a huge one for me. I find that if my living space is filled with things, I don’t think as clearly. The saying ‘Tidy Home Tidy Mind’ definitely runs true. I recruited the decluttering dolls at @fantasticservices to help me out a bit and I’d really recommend it*. I feel like everything is much speedier in the mornings when I know where everything. I can’t tell you how satisfying and time-sparing it is to actually see what’s in your wardrobe and your kitchen cupboards!

Do you think you value your own time enough? What do you do for YOU? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

Dr Frankie x

*I was kindly gifted the help of @fantasticservices to revamp my home and my life and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough! Simply download the GoFantastic app, click the service you want and enter the number of rooms you house, and within a few clicks you can tick ‘Spring Clean’ off your new to-do list!


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